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Here's what MobiCard® can do for you

C2A MobiCard® is a cloud-based mobile business card that allows you to share not only contact information, but social media and multimedia content like no traditional paper business card ever could.

  • Create new leads.
  • Share all of your personal and social media information instantly.
  • Share videos and multi-media.
  • Create custom links to external websites.
  • Know who and when someone is interested in your product or service, with instant alerts.
  • Know who and when someone refers your card.
  • Personalized audio message that can be updated from your card, instantly.
  • MobiCard® can be saved as a homescreen icon, or to your contacts as a VCF.

MobiCard®, the new way to do business

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Mobile Business Card

Code2Action’s patent pending sharing and alert system allows you to share your card with potential contacts or sales leads, while also receiving alerts every time someone interacts with your card. In addition, when an individual shares your MobiCard® with a third-party referral, you also receive an alert back letting you know that individuals contact information and who shared your card.

The professional and enterprise versions of C2A MobiCard® also allows you to track in real-time the opening and sharing of your MobiCard® to track contact interaction and make informed mobile marketing decisions when reaching back to individuals.

About MobiCard®



No Credit Card Required

Never lose touch with anyone ever again. With the basic MobiCard®, you can share your card with anyone. From social media, to your business information, you can guarantee that potential clients will be able to get in touch with you.


With the Instant Alert feature on your professional MobiCard®, you will not only know who opened your MobiCard®, but you will have all the information needed to make a direct follow up with that person. Alongside instant alerts, your Professional MobiCard® will have Multimedia Links - which may include, but are not limited to, PowerPoints, Web Links, PDF Documents, Custom Videos, etc.

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$7.99 / MO

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The Enterprise Package is perfect for multi-level companies, like Real Estate Agencies. Do you have a group of Agents with MobiCard®s? Well, with the "Company Directory", included with the Enterprise Package, you can rest easy knowing that all of your companies MobiCard®s are being housed in one easy to operate and highly searchable platform.

Each Package Includes


  • Your company logo
  • Your photo
  • Personal audio message

Personalized Audio Message

  • Instantly update an audio message that will play from your MobiCard®

Social Media Links

  • Have links to your personal Social Media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

"Find Me" Button

  • One button access to your business location, making you easier to find

Sharing & Referals

  • Share your card with anyone, anywhere, with the press of a button

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